A report from ISDT’22: one-step closure; c-spaces are not CCC

I have been attending the 9th International Symposium on Domain Theory (ISDT’22), which took place online, July 4-6, 2022, in Singapore. This was a fine conference indeed, and it ran very smoothly. I initially intended to give a summary of what happened there, but in the end I decided to concentrate on just two contributed papers: one by Hualin Miao, Qingguo Li, and Dongsheng Zhao, about those posets that have one-step closure, namely in which one can compute the Scott-closure of a downwards-closed subset A by just taking the collection of suprema of directed families included in A; the other one by Zhenchao Lyu, Xiaolin Xie, and Hui Kou, who showed that the category of c-spaces and the category of locally finitary compact spaces are not Cartesian-closed, by an argument that is both easy and clever. Read the full post.

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