Module configuration files

Each Orchids module may propose a set of configuration options.  To specify options to module module-name, write <module module-name>, followed by options specific to module-name, one per line, and end them by </module>.

By convention, all this should be written in a file named nn_mod_module-name.conf in the $OCONF/conf.d directory.  This file will be loaded by the Include @@ETCDIR@@/orchids/conf.d/*.conf directive in orchids.conf.dist, in standard distributions.  The two-digit number nn is arbitrary, and is meant to force the order in which modules are loaded from the $OCONF/conf.d directory.

For example, the first module whose configuration is loaded is (typically) textfile.  So you may find the following lines in $OCONF/conf.d/01_mod_textfile.conf:

<module textfile>
  PollPeriod 15
#  INPUT "/var/log/messages"
#  ProcessAll 1
# ExitAfterProcessAll 1

As usual, the sharp sign # is used to start comments.

Module-specific options are documented on the page of the corresponding module.