The sendmail module

The sendmail module is an extension module.  It is meant to provide primitives not provided by the core version of Orchids.  This is so as to reduce the dependencies of core Orchids.

Configuration options



  • sendmail: str, str, strstrint
    send an email

    • usage: sendmail(from, to, subject, body)
    • returns: 1 (true) if successful, 0 (false) otherwise
  • sendmail_report: str, str, strstrint
    generate a report and send it by email

    • usage: sendmail_report(from, to, subject, body)
    • The body of the message sent is the concatenation of body and of the list of values of the currently defined OrchIDS variables: if you want to report something, just have it stored into some variable.
    • returns: 1 (true) if successful, 0 (false) otherwise