The orchids-modules.conf file describes the list of modules that Orchids will load. These modules, a.k.a., plugins or DLLs, are pieces of code that Orchids loads dynamically, at startup.

The orchids-modules.conf file is normally included from orchids.conf.

It has the following typical structure:

ModuleDir "/usr/local/lib/orchids"

which states where the modules are located (or ModuleDir "@@LIBDIR@@/orchids" in the orchids-modules.conf.dist file), followed by directives of the form LoadModule module-name, instructing Orchids to load module module-name, for example:

LoadModule textfile
LoadModule bintotext
LoadModule syslog
LoadModule auditd

etc.  All directives are executed in order.  You may change the current module directory by executing as many SetModuleDir directives as needed.

The LoadModule module-name directive expects to find a DLL named mod_module-name.so in the current module directory (/usr/local/lib/orchids, in our example).

The module is then known as module-name to Orchids.  This is used in naming field names provided by the module.  For example, there is a field .textfile.line provided by module textfile.  (This holds a line of text.)

See the complete list of Orchids modules.