Open Problems

This is a list of questions that I have not managed to solve yet, or that I think should be left to others.  If you have any solution, total or partial, please contact me at goubault (at)

I am looking for brilliant students in the field.  Finding a solution to one of those problems may convince me that I should hire you!

I’ll update that list from time to time, adding new problems, removing solved problems, and so on. I am not offering any guarantee that this will change often!

  1. Ordinal heights of Noetherian spaces (difficulty: moderate; suitable for a good M2 or PhD student; posted 23 feb 2017)
  2. FAC spaces (difficulty: pretty hard; suitable for an excellent PhD student; posted 23 feb 2017)
  3. Topologies on spaces of Lipschitz Yoneda-continuous maps (difficulty: really tough; posted 23 feb 2017)

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