Scientific events

The ReLaX workshop on Games took place online on February 1-4, 2021. It was initially to take place at CMI March 16 to 19, 2020, and had to be postponed. The main organizers are Hugo Gimbert (LaBRI), B. Srivathsan (CMI) and R. Ramanujam (IMSc). More information on the workshop’s website.

FSTTCS 2020 took place on-line December 14-18. It was co-chaired by Nitin Saxena (IIT Kanpur) and Sunil Simon (IIT Kanpur). Of interest also the following satellite events: Strategies for Uncertainty, co-organized by Dietmar Berwanger (LSV) and R Ramanujam (IMSc); Advances in Verification, co-organized by Prakash Saivasan (IMSc) and B Srivathsan (CMI).

FSTTCS 2019 took place at IIT Bombay in December 2019, co-chaired by Paul Gastin and Arkadev Chattopadhyay.

CAALM@ReLaX, Complexity, algorithms, automata and logic meet at ReLaX, took place at CMI, January 21 to 25, 2019. Scientific committee: Paul Gastin, Meena Mahajan, Alessia Milani, B. Srivathsan. The program brought together the formal methods, the algorithms and the complexity communities, with speakers from France and India, but also Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Poland, Singapore and the UK. The workshop attracted over 50 researchers from India, 30 from other countries and over 50 students. See the workshop’s website for details.

AURA 2018 took place at ReLaX, October 29 to 31 2018. This is a yearly meeting of the CNRS UMIs in Asia, in the fields of engineering and information sciences.

During his stay at ReLaX (September 2017 to August 2018), Sinnou David organized a special course on diophantine geometry, a reading group seminar and a short series of lectures on the proof by Faltings of the Tate and Shafarevich conjectures. More…

The 5th ACTS workshop (Automata, Concurrency and Timed Systems) took place at CMI, January 30-February 3, 2017.