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Internships in Spring/Summer of 2016

Several LifeForm-related  internships took place this spring and summer; let us start with the French side:

  • Clara Scherbaum worked at LSV on Computing Cut Sets for Petri Nets; she developped unfolding-based techniques for determining sets of conditions to block from being satisfied so that some given place in the Net remains unmarked; such cut sets allow to ensure health properties in biological networks.
  • Juraj Kolčák studied Efficient Analysis of Boolean Networks under Parameter Uncertainty  in his master’s thesis accepted at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic; the research was carried out at LSV under the joint supervision of Stefan Haar and Loïc Paulevé, together with master’s advisor David Safranek at Brno.
  • Hugues Mandon successfully completed his master’s thesis on Algorithms for cellular reprogramming  with Loïc Paulevé and Stefan Haar at LRI; he is now continuing as a PhD student at LSV under Stefan Haar and Loïc Paulevé.
  • Céline CHEVALIER worked with Loïc Paulevé at LRI on a logical model for transcription regulation in Bacillus subtilis ; the results of her internship are presented here .

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