2017, Akshay’s visit

During my visit, I mainly worked with Paul Gastin and S. Krishna (IITB) on tree-width techniques for analyzing timed systems. Part of this work involved Vincent Jugé (an erstwhile postdoc from LSV, now at LIGM) and focussed on MSO definability of realizability in sequential and distributed timed systems.
In addition, with a summer intern at LSV, Umesh Kumar (also a BTech student at IITB), I looked at expressiveness issues in updateable timed automata. Krishna and I also continued our discussions with Patricia Bouyer-Decitre on decidability issues in stochastic timed games.
During this period, I gave a talk in the Groupe de Travail of the Vasco/Mexico group at LSV on 13th July, On Petri Nets with Hierarchical Special Arcs.