Download Orchids sources


The Orchids sources are available at the svn repository at one of the  following URLs:

For clarity, let us put this URL into a shell variable, which we shall reuse throughout the documentation:

export OSVN=


export OSVN=

Orchids is meant to be compiled on a Linux 32 or 64 bit distribution.  It should compile under any Unix, including Mac OS X, too.

We shall also use the shell variable $OHOME throughout.  This will be the place where the Orchids source subdirectory will be created.  Go to a directory of your choice, then type:

export OHOME=`pwd`

To retrieve the sources, open a shell (a command line window), and type the following if this is the first time:

svn --username guest co $OSVN $OHOME/2.0

(Use `guest‘ as login.  Use `guest‘ as password, too.)

This will create a subdirectory orchids of $OHOME (co is for “checkout”).

To retrieve the sources again later, or to update to a newer version, you’ll have to enter the orchids directory, and tell svn to “update”:

cd $OHOME/2.0
svn up

For more information on svn, you may consult the SVN book.  Pleasant front-ends such as svnX on Mac OS X are fine, too.  Wikipedia has a list of such front-ends on various platforms.

Congratulations!  You have now downloaded the Orchids sources.  You should now proceed and compile Orchids.