Publications webpage

A webpage containing all the publications related to APTE, Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence is now available.

Eventually, this webpage will also list the different usages of APTE in the academic literature of computer science. As such, do not hesitate to send an email at if you want your paper/tool/… to be listed on this webpage.



Welcome to the new website for the automatic cryptographic protocol verifier APTE: Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence. This tool is a decision procedure for proving trace equivalence between two processes for a bounded number of sessions. Trace equivalence can be used to model cryptographic security properties such that privacy, anonymity, unlinkability, receipt-freeness… APTE can handle several cryptographic primitives: symmetric and asymmetric encryption / decryption, digital signature, hash functions, pairing and any one-way function.

All the new versions of APTE will be available for download on this website.

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