Release v0.4beta : Time for some statistics !

A new version of APTE have been released : APTE v0.4beta. As previously mentioned, it can be both downloaded through the download webpage or directly through the GitHub release webpage.

This release is mainly focused on the API of APTE, by fixing some bugs and also providing a new set of statistics on the algorithm’s executions. Moreover, it allows a user to select different strategies to be used in the execution of the algorithm.

New features:

  • Correction of a bug in the parser with the tuples.
  • Addition of a module for statistic on the matrices generated by the algorithm
  • New strategies for the algorithm available (see the different new options)
  • An log option have been added that stores the tree of matrices. It should help following the generation of matrices by the algorithm.
  • The help menu have been changed to match all the new options
  • Addition of new examples.