APTE v0.3beta

The new release of APTE is out. We went from an alpha version to a beta version. It does not mean that there is no bug anymore but much less.

You can download it here APTE v0.3beta or on the download page.

This new version improves greatly the speed of the algorithm. Typically, executing one session of a protocol takes less than a second whereas it was around 1-3 minutes before. For two sessions of some protocols, it can still take around one/two hours. Some tests are currently performed for three sessions of some protocols

New features:

  • Major modifications in the source code including the interfaces
  • Optimization of the algorithm. Some examples that took 80 seconds in 0.2alpha to be executed are now executed in less than a second. (see the examples corresponding to the private authentication protocol in the archive)
  • Several fixes of bugs
  • First draft of documentation
  • Improvements of the user interface



Welcome to the new website for the automatic cryptographic protocol verifier APTE: Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence. This tool is a decision procedure for proving trace equivalence between two processes for a bounded number of sessions. Trace equivalence can be used to model cryptographic security properties such that privacy, anonymity, unlinkability, receipt-freeness… APTE can handle several cryptographic primitives: symmetric and asymmetric encryption / decryption, digital signature, hash functions, pairing and any one-way function.

All the new versions of APTE will be available for download on this website.

Feel free to leave comments or questions on the mailing list.