The Seminar on Continuity in Semilattices

Recently, Achim Jung sent me a message from Jimmie Lawson, and suggested that I might be interested in posting the information on this blog. The red book [1] is a precious source of information on domain theory, and if you are interested in knowing how the material there came to be discovered, you should definitely read the part of its preface entitled “Genesis” (p.xv). This notably explains the instrumental rôle played by the Seminar on Continuity in Semilattices (SCS). The results found during this seminar made their way into a collection of memos, 98 of them, to be precise, which are listed at the end of [1]. In addition to its historic value, some of the results presented at SCS were apparently never published. But Jimmie Lawson says it better than I can, so let me cite him; the link is in his message:

I suspect you have heard about the Seminar on Continuity in Semilattices (SCS), which was somewhat of a forerunner for the yellow, and later red, book.  Klaus [Keimel] put together a collection of (most of) these and deposited them in the Darmstadt library during the last years of his life.  There are somewhere around 100 memos in the collection, and Darmstadt put the first 30 online.  I had many of them in my office, and last year turned them in to the LSU library.  The math affiliated librarian has overseen getting them all online.  With the help of the Darmstadt library practically all of them are there.  The material can now be found online at
I’m hoping that you may be interested in exploring it some and in passing on to colleagues who might be interested the word of its existence.  It is interesting historically, and there are things there that never made it into print.

[1] Gerhard Gierz, Karl Heinrich Hofmann, Klaus Keimel, Jimmie D. Lawson, Michael W. Mislove, and Dana S. Scott. Continuous Lattices and Domains. Number 93 in Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2003.

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